Just Breathe!

‘What do you know about breathing?’ seems a foolish question to ask anyone. After all, we have been doing it with some success all our lives. When I am working with young people (and the principles are the same with many adults I work with) who are experiencing anxiety and are having difficulty relaxing sleeping I do ask that very question. We then go on to talking about ‘breathing’ and the importance of focussed breathing. I have put together a leaflet which outlines some ‘breathing exercises’ and some explanation on their importance for calming and relaxing. I usually practice the simpler techniques with young people and give them the leaflet. Have a look and feel free to pass on the leaflet/tips/advice. I would also be grateful for any feedback.

Pete Trenholme    Lifecoachbrighton  June 2017Breathing Exercise’s for calming and relaxation

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