Just what the Doctor ordered

Lifecoach Prescription1

More G.P.’s are steering away from the ‘medical model’ of treating low level anxiety and depression. Medication has it’s place but it is recognised now that ‘talking therapies’ are, in many cases, more effective in treating these conditions. One step further is providing small groups and activities which Doctors can ‘write prescriptions’ for and patients can attend the groups rather than the pharmacist. The changes are poweful and longer lasting.

So instead of prescribing Sertraline (SSRI’s) and other anti depressant drugs the G.P. prescibes an art class, a sports session, a cooking class, an outdoor activity – led by a mental health and wellbeing professional and tailored to meet the reststance and needs of the client.

The key to this is early diagnosis and intervention and the rewards are swifter and long lasting changes. – and of course the provision of funded activities to meet the need.


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