Focus your energy on things you can control


Do this especially now.

There is so much going on around us, and so many things that we could control and influence which right now we can’t, it is important to ‘reset’ and ‘redraw’ our vision and reach.
Starting now think about only the things you CAN control , things in your daily life and your thoughts and feeling.

Put your energy into only the things you can control.

Redraw your ‘map’ of world to fit your current reality.

Maybe it’s just your house now, maybe it’s just your room.

Whatever it is, for now, redraw the map and notice the things that you can control.

Put your focus and energy into those things.

Look after yourself first, then help others.

PRT April 2020

Managing Anxiety using positive reframe

If you find you are focussing on negative thoughts associated with ‘staying at home’ and ‘the lockdown’, it’s time to practice a technique called the ‘positive reframe’,
use the link below to help

Positive Reframe YPS


Inspirational at so many levels.

Take one minute 29 seconds to be calm and watch this.

R.I.P. Professor Stephen Hawking

Lifecoaching and Counselling. What’s the difference?

I have been working very closely with the Counselling team at the Young People’s Centre. We are working togethor to make sure young people get the most effective intervention and support for their issues. Sometines it’s Counselling, sometimes it’s Lifecoaching. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Have a look at the brief guide I produced for people to get an idea of the differences (and similarities) between Lifecoaching and Counselling.

Any comments appreciated.

Counselling and Lifecoaching Whats the Difference

Sound advice if you are thinking about a healthy star to 2018.