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New Lifecoaching Flyer

Check out the new design for Lifecoachbrighton flyer.Lifecoachbrighton Flyer

Just what the Doctor ordered

Lifecoach Prescription1 More G.P.’s are steering away from the ‘medical model’ of treating low level anxiety and depression. Medication has it’s place but it is recognised now that ‘talking therapies’ are, in many cases, more effective in treating these conditions. One step further is… Continue Reading “Just what the Doctor ordered”

The First Aid Box.

  I explored this example/metaphor whilst working with a young person and we found it so useful that I have used it several times since. It has (so far) always allowed my clients to develop a more useful understanding of ‘self-help’ techniques. Most times… Continue Reading “The First Aid Box.”

Just Breathe!

‘What do you know about breathing?’ seems a foolish question to ask anyone. After all, we have been doing it with some success all our lives. When I am working with young people (and the principles are the same with many adults I work… Continue Reading “Just Breathe!”

Coaching Support for Youth and Community Staff

Times are busy, the pressure is on, the worlds of the ‘youthworker’ and ‘youth work manager’ are being pressured like (almost) never before. So there is no better time to consider affordable and effective support for you, your managers and your frontline staff. Please… Continue Reading “Coaching Support for Youth and Community Staff”