Brief Case Studies.

  • Dave (16) self referred to us as his mother had just been taken into intensive care with a serious illness and he was suffering extreme anxiety and stress in coping with the sudden illness.

I met Dave twice and he was able to talk through his feelings, access Lifecoaching and practice some techniques for controlling his anxiety.

  • Brian (17) was referred by his mother as he was becoming extremely violent and disturbed, feeling depressed and angry and unable to cope with the break-up of a relationship.

Brian met with me over a period of six weeks and was able to learn techniques to cope with his feelings and deal with the negative thoughts which were upsetting him.

  • Billy (14) was being bullied at school and not able to deal with the feelings, repercussions and consequences. He presented as confused, angry and unable to understand what was happening and how to deal with the bullying.

I worked with Billy over 5 sessions of Lifecoaching and he was able to start school in September 2015 with new strategies and understandings learnt through Lifecoaching.

  • Graham (23) was referred with high social anxiety. Graham had not left the house on his own for 6 years and was unable to travel on the bus.

I worked with Graham through Lifecoaching and in short steps he has been able to learn how to recognise and manage his anxiety and has been able to take short bus journeys on his own.

  • Mary (16) was experiencing high levels of anxiety relating to forthcoming exams and was feeling ‘paralysed’ and unable to cope or revise.

 Through Lifecoaching I helped Mary with positive thinking to reduce her anxiety and she was able to successfully complete her exams.

 Comments from Young People:

‘Lifecoaching sessions can make a huge change in someone’s life – as they have in mine’

‘It has been very good and positive. Has been very useful and freeing to be able to discuss lifestuff in such a manner’.

‘I really enjoyed the Lifecoaching sessions. I felt as though I was being listened to and valued. It gave me confidence in my decision making’.

‘This worked well specifically because I got on well with the Lifecoach’.

‘Quite a lot of change has happened over the past couple of months, but has all been good changes! I am far more happier than where I was … I think I am in a far better place now!’

‘My Lifecoach has been useful to me by helping me find my own answers to the questions and problems I had before’.

‘Just wanted to let you know that I got through all my exams….I left all feeling happy about my performance. I also wanted to let you know that I have found your sessions have really helped me as I am starting to learn how to apply the positive thinking to other areas of my life and I can see the difference. I definitely prefer being a positive person.’



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