Coaching for Managers and Frontline Staff

Have you ever wondered what is the best, cost effective way to provide cutting edge staff development which works for individuals, teams and the organisation?

Have you ever wondered what is the most valuable resource your organisation has, and what is the best method to nurture and develop that resource?

Have you ever wondered what Coaching can bring to your organisation?

The most  valuable resource within your organisation is your workforce.

As individuals and within teams they are the crucial factor which determines whether your organisation will thrive.

Coaching is a proven and cost effective method of ensuring that each individual is able to work to their full potential, is able to contribute positively to individual, team and organisational goals and is able to adopt a positive mind-set.

We work within an environment of increasing pressure, transformational change, complex tasks and projects and within an economic, social and  personal  background of austerity and uncertainty.

Coaching is a proven method of supporting and enabling  a workforce (individual, team and organisations) to operate effectively within complex and confusing environments.

FREE Consultation:

Take advantage of a free 20 minute consultation to find out what you can expect from the coaching process and how it will benefit you.

LifecoachBrighton offers an effective and affordable coaching  solution to organisations, teams and individuals.

Tailored to meet your needs and priced to fit your budget.

‘The sessions have given me a space to explore how I deal with situations at work that I feel uncomfortable with. I would say that the coaching with Peter has made me feel more confident in asserting myself in a way that I feel comfortable with and in expressing my views when they are different to others. Through the sessions I was also able to develop some tools to enable me to challenge opinions and ideas using questions, approaching a problem with the ’right questions’ has been a really empowering process for me and one which I feel has enabled changes to happen in areas where they had felt stuck’ – Frontline worker Voluntary sector, Brighton.

‘I had a follow up meeting with Peter today who was extremely supportive and took me through a reflective process to discuss strategic issues and youth work practice. This was not a supervision meeting but a process to tease out the stress factors with a solution focussed approach. I really cant thank him enough as having his input really helped and enabled me to refocus on what is important …. Peter helped me get my resilience back and as a result we had a tremendous youth club session tonight where we achieved many positive outcomes with young people’—Senior Youth Worker, Brighton.

For more information and to ask any questions about your coaching needs please contact me:

Peter Trenholme   Lifecoachbrighton   07801947496

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